Amelia Island, Florida

Naomi Loomis and her family recently traveled to Amelia Island, which is the southernmost island along a chain of barrier islands in Florida.

Not too far from Orlando, the family was able to enjoy traveling up the east coast via their beloved yacht. The picturesque, relaxing journey was a perfect way to start a memorable experience that included:

Segway Tours

To satisfy their adventurous side, Naomi Loomis and her family were able to get a taste for the islands’ natural beauty by means of Segway!


Naomi Loomis and her family traveled by sea to Amelia Island, off the coast of Florida.

Excursions through Fort Clinch State Park, Trail to Point Isabel, and Fort George Island’s Trail to Kingsley Plantation are just a few options. The Loomis family opted for a leisurely ride through the creek side and to the beach.

Isle of Eight Flags

The family continued their history lesson at the Amelia Island Museum of History, which provides a spoken account of the history of the island. Amelia Island, also known as the ‘The Isle of Eight Flags’, has a fascinating history, as it frequently changed possession and has been under the rule of eight different flags, including French, Spanish, British, Patriot, Green Cross, Mexican, Confederate, and ultimately, the United States. The Isle of Eight Flags is also host to an annual shrimp festival with events such as arts, crafts, live music, fireworks, a parade, and of course, a vast amount of seafood. This past year marked the 50th anniversary of the festival and was dubbed the “Year of the Golden Shrimp.”

Other Entertainment

With an eclectic group of local boutiques, the Loomis women hit up the shops and then proceeded to unwind at one of the islands’ luxurious spas. In turn, the men spent the day sailing and kayaking, followed by a round of golf at one of the islands’ seven courses.

Visitors are never disappointed with what Amelia Island has to offer.  Rich in history, beauty, and pleasure, Naomi Loomis and her family added another unforgettable trip to the books!


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