Beaver Creek, CO

When her kids were much younger, Naomi Loomis remembers taking them on a trip to a ski resort in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

Evan and Naomi Loomis in Beaver Creek

Naomi Loomis and her son, Evan, during a ski trip they took a decade ago to Beaver Creek in Colorado.

Beaver Creek Village, Bachelor Gulch, and Arrowhead Villages comprise this major ski resort, which hosts several World Cup events annually.

The resort provides 1,832 acres, a 3,340 foot vertical rise, 150 different trails, and consistently fresh powder. In addition, the trails are groomed every night, making Beaver Creek a top destination for skiers.

Beaver Creek resort offers an easy option for traveling to the mountain. With an airport directly on the premises, guests are able to avoid lugging their suitcases into taxis or shuttles and instead, are delivered directly to the resort. In addition, passengers receive a pass for free skiing all day.

The resort caters to families by providing activities for kids and teens to enjoy on their own. The available activities included “Cocoa & Corduroy,” “Cookie Time,” “Haymaker Tubing Hill,” and the kids’ favorite, “Thursday Night Lights.” The latter allowed the Loomis children to participate in a glow stick light show as they skied down the mountain. The night was topped off with music and fireworks.

For around three hours, the kids were able to participate in fun activities while Naomi Loomis and her husband enjoyed personal time at one of the resort’s top restaurants, Beano’s Cabin.  The couple took an open air sleigh ride to the top of the mountain before enjoying impeccable cuisine. A live band added to the entertainment and provided a memorable night for the couple.

Naomi Loomis, her husband, and their kids hope to go back someday to complete the Talons challenge, which requires participants to conquer more than 26,000 feet of the most difficult black and double black diamond terrain.

The family hopes to hone their skiing skills to earn a spot on the Talons Wall of Fame.

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