Las Vegas

A few years back, Naomi Loomis experienced many of the most popular sights and experiences in Las Vegas.

Accompanying her on the trip were her parents, her husband, and three of their kids: Evan, Taylor, and Robbie. One of the first things on the agenda was to tour Fremont Street, one of the most famous streets in the Las Vegas Valley.

Naomi Loomis suggested they take the Las Vegas monorail, where they were able to get a nice family picture.

Naomi Loomis with family in Las Vegas

Naomi Loomis (far left) rides the monorail to Fremont Street with (left to right) her father, mother, Robbie, and Taylor.

The Fremont Street Experience was the highlight of the trip due to all of the entertainment it provided. Here, the action was non-stop. All types of shopping and dining were available in the 5 block radius, and neon lights, zip liners, and live bands kept the Loomises constantly entertained.

After their quick lunch at The Grille, Naomi Loomis suggested that they relax by the pool before their long night of gambling. The Tank, an award-winning pool, was the perfect choice.  The adults were able to sip drinks poolside while the kids got up close and personal with the sharks.  Separated only by glass, the experience was exhilarating for the kids! The Travel Channel even named The Tank “One of the Most Extreme Pools in the World.”

Later, the family returned to the Las Vegas Strip to hit up the casinos. Some of the casinos along the strip include the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and Treasure Island.  Naomi Loomis and her family saw travelers testing their luck on the slot machines, craps, roulette, blackjack, and even poker. Fortunately, the kids were also able to stay entertained at some of the arcades nearby. Video games, air hockey, and pinball kept Evan, Taylor, and Robbie entertained, while satisfying their competitive edge too!

The rest of the trip consisted of everything from beaches to thrill rides, shows, and museums.  Naomi Loomis recommends that everyone visits this top tourist destination at least once in their lifetime!

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