Napa Wine Country

Recently, Naomi Loomis and her husband, Stan, took a trip to Napa Wine Country.

Naomi Loomis enjoying Napa Wine Country

Stan and Naomi Loomis enjoy a night out in Napa Wine Country.

A favorite destination for the duo, Napa Valley provides an array of things to do, such as wine tasting tours, vineyards, food, and more.

Wine tours
Napa Valley is one of the world’s premier wine regions. For this reason, wine tastings in the area are plentiful. Naomi Loomis recalls an especially memorable day trip with Beau Wine Tours. The couple was able to experience luxurious wine country in a limousine with fellow wine enthusiasts. Naomi Loomis not only enjoyed the wonderful tasting wine, but also learning about the winemaking process from knowledgeable tour guides. The couple snapped many pictures of the beautiful scenery as they savored the delicacies at the catered picnic.
Hot Springs
In addition to the world class wineries, Napa Valley also provides other relaxing activities. Calistoga features a number of natural hot springs, thanks to the many volcanic influences that have occurred in the valley. One of the couples favorites included a one of a kind spa trip to Dr. Wilkinson’s Hot Springs. This spa offers mineral whirlpools, steam rooms, blanket wraps, and wallows in volcanic mud and peat moss.
Napa Valley is considered to be an extension of the high-end culinary scene in San Francisco. Fresh fruit, jams, bread, and cheeses are popular picnic items, while upscale dining activities are also plentiful. Naomi Loomis’ favorite culinary destination is “girl & the fig, ” which features fun, soulful, French inspired cooking. Some of the restaurants are just so popular they have months- long waiting lists.
Bike Tours

When the hustle and bustle of the city become too much, Naomi Loomis recommends a bike tour of the beautiful countryside. She and her husband took in the magnificent scenery and even stopped to enjoy a romantic picnic lunch.

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