San Francisco, California

Naomi Loomis has many interests and hobbies, one of which is traveling.

She and her family have visited many of the most popular tourist destinations, including San Francisco; the cultural center and financial hub of Northern California. San Francisco is the second most densely populated city in the United States with 17,867 people per square mile. Popular landmarks, eclectic culture, and unique architecture add to the city’s allure.

Some of Naomi Loomis’ favorite destinations include:

Naomi Loomis has been to these Tourist Attractions in CaliforniaGolden Gate BridgeThis suspension bridge spans the Golden Gate Strait and is the most beautiful and photographed bridge in the world. In fact, a picture of Naomi Loomis in front of this signature landmark can be found on her Facebook page.

Chinatown District-Chinatown, San Francisco is the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. This district retains its unique languages, customs, and social circles, architecture, shops, and more. It is a major tourist destination, as visitors can easily become immersed in Asian culture.

AlcatrazAlcatraz has held many roles throughout the years, including a military prison, maximum- security penitentiary, disputed territory, and national park. Naomi Loomis enjoyed listening to the eerie first hand accounts of daily life at the prison aboard Alcatraz Cruises. Some of the most interesting landmarks on the island include the Lighthouse, Warden’s House, Main Cellhouse, and the Recreation Yard.

Naomi Loomis in fornt of a massive tree in Muir WoodsMuir WoodsThis popular destination attracts nearly 776,000 visitors annually, including Naomi Loomis, who was awed by the park’s vigorous plant growth. The Coast Redwood, a relative of the sequoia, is the major attraction. The largest one in Muir Woods is over 258 feet tall, making Naomi Loomis look miniscule in front of it.

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