Sonoma, CA

Naomi Loomis and her husband enjoy wine tastings, and have traveled all over the country to visit famous wineries.


Naomi Loomis recently visited Sonoma wine country with her husband.

One of their stops was in Sonoma, CA, where they toured the historic sights and took part in tastings throughout Sonoma wine country.

California boasts a number of historical landmarks, including many located in Sonoma. Some of the top landmarks include:

  • Mission San Francisco Solano: The only mission established under independent Mexico.
  • Lachryma Montis: Translated to ‘Tears of the Mountain,’ Lachryma Montis is the home of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.
  • Bear Flag Monument: The raising of Bear Flag in Sonoma plaza declared California independent from Mexico.
  • Presidio of Sonoma: This Mexican military post is still standing facing the Sonoma plaza.

During their sightseeing, Naomi Loomis also learned some fun facts about Sonoma.  For example, Sonoma Jack Cheese got its name from the town. This cheese was first produced at The Vella Cheese Factory, which is walking distance from the plaza.

Sonoma is considered the birthplace of winemaking in California. Naomi Loomis and her husband enjoyed touring wine country. The region is home to a number of bed & breakfasts, wineries, dining establishments, and shops. The couple was able to take in the sights at several picturesque vineyards while sampling some of California’s best wines. Naomi Loomis also appreciated the diverse groups of people utilizing the educational tools available at some of the wine centers. For those interested in the study of viticulture, and growing their own vines, Sonoma wine country provided all the necessary information to get started!

In addition, Sonoma hosts the Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival, which celebrates California’s heritage as original winemakers. Since 1897, the festival has been held every September to celebrate local culture. 12k and 5k runs, a grape stomp, live music, art, and a parade are just a few of the events that take place to support community projects and non-profits.

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