Tips on Traveling with Children

ILoomis Family Trip to Spainf you need tips on traveling with children, Naomi Loomis is the one to ask.

Naomi Loomis, her husband, her two kids, and Stan’s five kids are always traveling.

Not only is Naomi Loomis a self-proclaimed “world traveler”, but she also knows how to do it successfully with a family of seven kids.

Want proof? Here’s a slew of great family photos on Naomi Loomis’ Pinterest profile. Here are her most helpful travel tips for families with children.

Keep Them Busy-First and foremost, make sure you have the Leapfrog, crayons, paper, books-whatever it is that gets and holds your children’s attention. Doing so will keep you all happy.

Consider Everyone-The vacation-whether by plane, train, or boat-is for you and your kids, so ask them what they want to do, consider what you want to do, and find a happy medium. Likely, there are many things you’ll both enjoy equally. Take a look at these pics: full of smiling faces.

Go Easy on the Itinerary-Remember that travelling with kids of any age is exciting, but it should not be overwhelming to you or them. Plan a few activities and then spend a lot of the time at the pool.

Take Lots of Video and Pics-While still keeping terms like vacation and relaxation in mind, also don’t forget to get some good videos and pictures. These will be some of the best memories of their/your lives and pictures/videos will bring you back to these traveling times in years to come.

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