Trip to Spain

Naomi Loomis and her family continued their travels with a trip to Spain, more specifically the cities of Seville and Vigo.

Naomi Loomis and Family take a Trip to Spain

Naomi Loomis (fourth from the left) and her family pose in front of a statue in Seville.

Within these two cities the family found some interesting attractions that kept them busy during their stay!


Seville, Spain, is the capital of Andalucía and with much to offer tourists; Seville is Andalucía’s top destination.  Several interesting museums and galleries can be found within the city limits.  The Loomis family attended Museo del Baile Flamenco, which offered an experience that appealed to all senses. The family learned from music, videos, and other interesting artifacts.

Naomi Loomis wandered through an open-air market before climbing to the top of Cerro de Carambolo. The large flea market offered a range of products from food, to clothes, to furniture, and the family was able to find souvenirs for family and friends.  At the top of Cerro de Carambolo, the Loomises could see the entire city and snap a few memorable pictures for the photo album.


Naomi Loomis and her family very much enjoyed the time they spent at Rua da Ostras.

Vigo, Spain, situates itself as one of the main economic agents of the region due to all it has to offer.This street is lined with seafood cafes and oyster bars that would satisfy any seafood fanatic, where you can sit and enjoy a couple of drinks and freshly caught seafood.

Barco Islas Cies is another destination the Loomis family made sure to include in the itinerary.  On the short ferry ride to the island, it is common to see dolphins and other wildlife in the crystal clear waters. Once they arrived, Naomi Loomis and her husband relaxed on the white sandy beaches while the kids enjoyed the water. The family decided to maximize their time on the island by staying the night at one of the most unique and beautiful campsites in Spain!

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