Whistler Ski Trip

One of the most memorable trips Naomi Loomis and her family have taken include a ski trip to Whistler in British Columbia, Canada.

Whistler Ski Trip

Naomi Loomis and her husband frequently go skiing. One of their favorite resorts is located in Whistler.

The massive mountain boasts 200 trails, a seven mile long run, a 5,000ft vertical drop, and much more. Whistler hosts thousands of excited skiers throughout the season, and is known for effortlessly accommodating the 2010 Olympic Games.

With hundreds of restaurant and lodging options, Naomi Loomis and her family made their lodging decision based on the distance to the slopes. They found Fairmont Chateau Whistler to be the perfect option due to its ski-in/out access to the lifts.

Whistler provides several classes for people with a variety of skill levels and even offers the opportunity to ski with an Olympian.  As experienced skiers, Naomi Loomis and her family bypassed this amenity and headed straight for challenging loops and other ‘gravitational hotspots.’ Since the resort receives more than 450 inches of snow each year, there is no issue finding plenty of powder.

After a satisfying day of skiing, the Loomis family dined at BarefootBistro before heading back to Fairmont Chateau Whistler.  At the hotel, they soaked in the hot tub before enjoying further relaxation at the full spa. Live music, clubs, and firework displays were some of the other niceties the robust village offered.

As the largest ski resort in North America, Naomi Loomis and her family were able to ski for days without even hitting all the runs. One experience they really enjoyed was traveling between Blackcomb and Whistler mountains via a tri-cabled carriage. Nearly two miles long, the cart travels at 1,430ft in the air. Adding to the thrill, the carriage has a glass bottom that allows riders to see the vast topography below.

Naomi Loomis and her family enjoyed their time spent on the mountain and encourage all skiers to test their skills at Whistler.  No matter your experience or skill level, the massive resort has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.


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