Bonding with your Teen before Prom

Naomi Loomis understands the importance of staying close to her kids as they transition into adulthood.

Adolescence is a difficult time for many, so it is important to show your kids your unwavering love and support.

As an avid reader, Naomi Loomis recommends, “Bonding over Beauty,” which is essentially a mother-daughter guide to foster trust, self-esteem, and confidence.

Naomi Loomis and Daughter Before PromFor most teenage girls, prom represents a special time in their life that they will remember for years to come. Naomi Loomis advises that parents use these major milestones to bond with their children. The teen-version of this dream is picking out the perfect prom dress, getting the perfect hairstyle, and taking incredible pictures. For parents however, the dream is more about ensuring their happiness and safety.

In an article from FoxNews, Erika Katz, author and parenting expert, advises parents to prepare their child for prom by discussing these main issues:

Prom Anxiety

Many teens feel so pressured about looking perfect on their big night that they crash diet, go to tanning beds, or take diet pills. It is important for parents to address these issues if they start to notice any changes in their child.


Prom night comes with certain pressures which can cause young girls to feel obligated to have sex. Katz claims that this is where self-esteem comes into play. Prom is about having fun with friends, not necessarily about having sex.


Warn your teen about the consequences that could come from drinking at prom. In addition to legality issues, drinking can impair judgement and cause them to do something they might regret. With the popularity of social media sites, it is likely this behavior could end up on the internet where it could come back to haunt them. One night of drinking is not worth the risk of losing your diploma or college acceptance. Make sure your kids know they can call you at any time if they find themselves in a bad situation.

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